Fifa’s Preliminary Draw to Happen This Saturday in Rio

With a budget of R$ 30 millions (around US$ 15 millions), paid by the State of the Rio de Janeiro and by the city of the Rio de Janeiro, according the website UOL, Fifa carries out in this Saturday, 30, the Preliminary Draw, the event that defines the groups of the preliminary rounds of the World Cup 2014 in all of the continents, except the South America, where the teams play among themselves. Already classified for the World Cup, as its host, Brazil is not going to dispute the preliminary rounds.

In the next three years, 166 national teams will fight for the 31 remaining places in the World Cup.  In Africa, there will be 52 countries for 5 spots. The competition starts November 2011.  

43  Asian teams are already searching for one of 4 direct spots. The 38 lowest ranked are playing preliminary rounds. In Europe, 53 members  distributed among 9 groups will play the qualifiers, beggining September 2012.

In Oceania, 11 teams will battle for a direct spot, starting November 2011, with a preliminary round with the four lower ranked teams.  In South America, the competition begins October 2011.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and Fifa’s President Joseph Blatter will assist th Preliminary Draw, starting 3 pm (Brasilia’s time)

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