Brazil Launches Plan to Stop the Growth of Imports in its Economy

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Launches the Plan of Innovation of Brazil/ Photo: Wilson Dias - ABr

The Brazilian government announced today a plan of help to the national industry that foresees fiscal incentives of to R$ 25 billions to the end of 2012. That value corresponds to the extent that are be taking for exonerate the output in that period, as technological innovation, for example. 

Even if no country specifically have been mentioned, one of the biggest worries of the government and of the Brazilian companies is the growing importing of products from China.  With the Brazilian Real valued facing the dollar and the Chinese currency artificially unvalued, there is a huge presence of Chinese products in the Brazilian commerce and in neighboring countries, where the Brazilian goods also lose space.

“There will be no tolerance with all kinds of fraudulent of importings, with all kinds of piracies.  We are going to defend tenaciously our industry because is obligation of the Brazilian State defend to our local output, the our domestic market. Such Measures are decisive and a very strong pace in the strengthening of our industry and in the defense of the our market”, said Minister of Industry, Fernando Pimentel.

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