First Wind Farm on the State of Bahia Starts Operation Next November

The first wind farm of the State of the Bahia, in the northeast of Brazil, should enter in operation in the next month of November, with capacity for supply a city with 300,000 inhabitants.  The main structure is already mounted and remains barely the conclusion of the substation, that is going to lead the energy produced to the net of national distribution, for the airbone turbine winds starts to work.

In the place where the park is installed, in top of the Serra da Mangabeira, a Mountain Range in the Chapada Diamantina, the wind has medium speed of 25 kilometres by hour, more than the double of the necessary for produce electric energy.  “The potential of generation here is of 90 megawatts.  This is one of the best areas of the state, because has sufficient potential for output of energy”, said the engineer in charge Eduardo Bottacin

Source: State of Bahia

Photo: Alberto Coutinho/Secom

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