New Shipyard in Bahia to be ready until 2014

A group of hundred and seventy people began to withdraw, this week, animals and plants from a land of 1.6 millions of square meters, in the town of Maragojipe, 23 nautical miles away from Bahia State´s capital, Salvador, where in 2014 should be inaugurated a shipyard that is going to process 36 tons of steel yearly and become one of the suppliers of ships and equipment for exploitation of the abundant oil reserves discovered recently by Brazil in the bottom of the sea.

Around R$ 2 billions of dollars will be invested by a joint-venture formed by the Brazilian companies UTC, OAS and Odebrecht, the last one present also in the United States, where builds the Airport Link Metrorail Connector, in Miami, beyond the Japanese Kawazaki, that keeps 30% of the investment and is going to be responsible by the operation of the shipyard called EEP (acronym for Estaleiro Enseada do Paraguaçu)

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