Brics: “Challenge is to Overcome Social and Economic Difficulties to Reach the Level of Advanced Countries”, says Dilma

After stating that the so-called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, china, India and South Africa) should not be affected by the economic crisis afflicting Europe, the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, said today that the biggest bloc’s challenge is to overcome its own economic and social problems in orderto achieve the standard of living of rich countries.

Rousseff believes that in addition to economic development, the challenges of the five countries are focused on the preservation of social rights and environmental protection. “We can not allow the problems of the advanced countries create obstacles for our countries. Our challenge is to find a better way, “she said.

The president of Brazil said that one of the main effects of the international economic crisis is the reduction of jobs and called the nations to “working together” for the recovery of the international economy. “We should bear in mind that you must make a great effort. If there is a lack of investments in advanced economies, we will create funding sources, “she said.

The president of Brazil said that the BRIC countries managed to overcome the difficulties caused by the crisis, from 2007. “We have enough strength to respond responsibly,” she said, noting that Russia, in the rotating presidency of the G20 (group of most developed countries of the world) will have a lot to do.

According to Rousseff, the agenda at the G20 should focus on the overall development, involving infrastructure and employment generation. She said that although the scenario of 2013, is “a bit brighter” than the 2012, it is apparent that “many of the developed countries continue in trouble, especially in the unemployment rate.”

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