Near to 300,000 Brazilians Living Abroad Returned in the Last Five Years

The last survey conducted by the ministry of foreign affairs of Brazil on the number of Brazilians living abroad shows that it is greater than 2 and a half million people. The equivalent of almost the entire population of Uruguay. But the same document shows that there is a partial trend back to the country by those who moved for years to Europe, America and Japan, among other countries, in search of a better life.

In the last five years, at least 300,000 Brazilians returned to the country. Only in Japan, a country that has a tighter control over foreigners living in their territory, came about 120,000 people. These Brazilians returned from the east for economic difficulties, but also because of the earthquake followed by a tsunami which devastated several Japanese cities in 2011.

Other countries that recorded a decrease in the number of Brazilians living legally were Spain, Portugal, France and the United States for economic reasons, as well as Paraguay, where a portion of the Brazilian population faces legal problems, such as the accusation of illegal occupation of land.

On Wednesday, 27, the government of Brazil launched a website for Brazilians wishing to return with information about the use of money in the purchase of real estate or how to account the period worked abroad for retirement.

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