Brazil to Legalize Haitian immigrants

The Government of Brazil announced on Wednesday, 10, that will legalize the situation of Haitian immigrants who came to the country illegally through the border with Bolivia, and are waiting for a visa in the cities of Brasileia and Epitaciolândia, state of Acre.

It is estimated that about 3000 Haitians have arrived illegally in Brazil since 2012, most young people between 20 and 30 years with good qualifications and are considered part of the Haitian elite.

The announcement came a day after a Brazilian TV station showed the situation of immigrants in both cities, where authorities claim they are not  able to adequately take care for Haitians.

The Acre’s State Secretary of Justice and Human Rights, Nilson Mourão, confirmed this wednesday in Brasileia, largest gateway for illegal immigrants in Acre, the Federal Police have developed actions to restore border controls. “Now it is up to the federal government set up a permanent policy for that control,” said Mourão.

While occupied with legalizing the situation of immigrants, federal police said it would fight the trafficking network who is also bringing illegal immigrants to Brazil from the Dominican Republic and Senegal.
The scheme works like illegal immigration from Latin America, including Brazil to the United States with “coyotes” charging high rates to bring immigrants illegally in the country of destination.

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