First Male Gay Kiss of a Brazilian TV Soap Opera is Celebrated in Facebook

Felix (left) and Niko, first gay characters to kiss in a Brazilian Soap Opera

Felix (left) and Niko, first gay characters to kiss in a Brazilian Soap Opera

One of the most popular novels of Brazilian TV, “Amor à Vida (something like Love for living) , ended on Friday with a few things to be resolved . Most of the main characters were already married , died or been arrested the night before . Except for the revelation of who had caused an accident that provoked the death of the mother of one of the villains , the most expected thing in the last day it was , after all, the first gay kiss in Brazilian soap operas. And it happened!!
Felix , an executive who began the plot as the great evil who kidnapped the daughter of his sister after childbirth and placed her in the gutter to prevent her from becoming heir to the owner of an expensive hospital in São Paulo , the main city of the country, was ra homosexual rejected by his father, Felix has spent more than half of the eight months in which the novel was aired , dodging contact with his wife , doing evil against almost the entire cast and entertaining the audience with his effeminate mannerisms .
It is unclear whether empathy was planned by the author , but the success of the character played by the talented Mateus Solano was so great that every day dozens of humorous phrases posted on Facebook are assigned to character.

That first gay kiss has been tested for a long time. In many novels , gay couples had to settle with cartoonish characters intended to provoke laughter or settle for discreet loving relationships. Kisses and caresss were virtually forbidden between persons of the same sex , for a simple reason : the rejection of the public to gay love.
Between authors and actors , the first kiss scene between persons of the same sex is being awaited for decades . Solano’s wife in real life , actress Paula Brun , who is also in the novel told reporters that twists to the character of her husband kiss his romantic partner , Niko , a restaurant owner played by actor Thiago Fragoso .
The virtual kiss caused so much expectation that the directors of the novel recorded three possible endings for the couple . Scene without a kiss, a discreet kiss or French kiss . The decision on the final choice will certainly take into account , besides the will of the author , the mood of the audience , tested on polls.
The rejection of the public to gay couples has already caused , in 1988 , the death of the quiet owner of a hostel, whose presence or absence in the plot seemed irrelevant to the fates of other characters , except for the fact that she was a lesbian and had a companion . Under pressure from the public , the character died in a car accident .

Ironically , the novel , which addressed corruption in a country that had returned to democracy three years before the debut of the program was called ” Vale Tudo ” . Everything is acceptable in free translation . Anything but a gay kiss.
Like most of the latest soap operas , a former national pride, “Love of life” comes to an end in a ridiculous way, with unbelievable scenes and unrealistic solutions to almost every conflict of the plot . But the country somehow stopped this on Friday to see if two men would kiss or not .
Just a simple street talk for detecting rejection of the public . A speech current among the population is that no prejudice against homosexuals , since things are well defined . What would be a criticism of Eron , one of the characters of the novel that began the story as the first romantic couple Niko , and then sexually involved with a friend . ” Either you like the man or woman you like ,” said a woman sitting next to me while watching the last chapter of the soap opera.

Recently, a reporter from Porto Alegre, a city in southern Brazil, wrote an article condemning what he considers an exaggerated representation of gay characters on the same plot. Interestingly, no journalist raised his voice against a scene in which a character was stabbed with a level of violence unheard of for a story presented in this type of program.

By the time Felix and Niko kissed each other, people online started celebrating for a broken taboo, what has been seen as a victory for minorities.  People made selfies in front of TV in this historical moment, saying that finally it happened, that now next is the fight for gay marriage in real life…even before, that kiss was decided, the TV Globo started announcing that in the next soap opera, which starts monday, there will be a married woman that fells in love with another female. Let´s see if someone will die or if homosexual love scenes go further this time.

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