Under a Heat of 40 degrees, Brazilian who was Banned from Entering the Office Wearing Shorts Goes to Work Dressing a Skirt

Tired of working with no air conditioned and prevented to use horts, Silva went further. Photo: Facebook

Tired of working with no air conditioned and prevented to use shorts, Silva went further and appeared with a skirt. Photo: Facebook

This Tuesday was terribly hot for the ” cariocas ” and , to boot, a power outage prevented millions of people enjoying the air conditioning . For two hours , were 40 degrees , without the right to even a fan . It was on a day like this that the illustrator André Amaral Silva , 41, decided to go to work in shorts , a practice that has been increasingly adopted in the sunny city of Rio de Janeiro , even in government agencies .
But in the building where Silva works , in downtown Rio , only women are allowed to enter with legs showing. Or , officially , using shorts, a way to prevent men appear with few clothes . Silva did not even know it was missing energy, but after accepting a ban for more than two years , decided to show his irritation at the delay in air – conditioning installation  going work in skirts .
Surprised , the doorman tried to bar the entry of Silva , but ended up passing the decision for a retired policeman who manages the building . After hearing the explanations of illustrator , the administrator said ironically to the doorman : Skirts are allowed …
The story was published in Silva Facebook page and became an instant success . According to the website of the newspaper the state of São Paulo , in a few hours the picture was shared by four thousand

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