Journalist Causes Furor Supporting Vigilantes and Challenges Critical to Adopt a Bandit

With vehement speeches, read daily in editorial tone, against corrupt, inefficient politicians, thugs and all that, at her eyes, violates the “good citizen”, a Brazilian journalist, anchor a nightly newscast, is causing a stir among milder mates and a part of the population who cares about human rights.

After condemning the Brazilian funding for a port in Cuba and forgiveness of debt of African countries with Brazil , Rachel Sheherazade , left euphoric part of the audience – and another part absolutely outraged – by defending the actions of vigilantes who beat and tied in a street lighting , in Rio de Janeiro , a teenager accused of committing robberies .
In a more than a minute speech, Sheherazade complained , pointing his finger at the camera , the lack of security and inaction of governments and said it was perfectly justifiable that people use of  ” collective self-defense ” against “the little criminal ” . And with an eloquence capable of causing envy the politicians in election campaign ended the speech by asking ironically that human rights defenders make a well to the country and ” adopt a bandit” each.

Sheherazade gained national prominence three years ago when she condemned the use of public money at a carnival “that raises money for a few” in a video three and a half minutes, which made the journalist of the small state of Paraíba a celebrity on Youtube .
At first, the previously unknown TV anchor seemed a passionate defender of the poor and underserved by the state. Her resourcefulness in the video earned her an invitation to work in Sao Paulo, in one of the broadcast news of SBT, a station created by a former street vendor Jewish origin, Senor Abravanel, best known as Silvio Santos, who learned from youth to identify good opportunities and in four decades, used his acumen for communication to create the second largest television network in Brazil.

And the new journalist appeared as a great opportunity for the entrepreneur of communication that most bet on entertainment of all TVs in Brazil. Their newscasts are aired in absolutely irrelevant times compared to Mexican soap operas, programs in the style of TV show Jerry Springer and everything else that is able to increase its audience, even if the attractions are conveyed in an improvised way.
It was in this context that Sheherazade gained ground on national television to talk about whatever they wanted. Santos realized there was a public eager to hear personal opinions on public issues and presenter revealed to have a knack for mixing outrage and irony to talk politics, although his lines are often a tangle of certainties of common sense.

The video posted on Youtube under the name “adopt a bandit” gives a dimension of the support received by Sheherazade. Earlier this Friday, February 7, were 4,485 against 1,630 likes do not likes. But neither the immense popular support prevented the host entered in trouble.
Criticism of his style come from all sides, including the station itself. News sites indicate that many journalists feel ashamed of SBT pronouncements colleague. And with a reaction in society that includes a petition by Avaaz in dismissal of Sheherazade, the journalist was forced to make a statement that she is a “good person”. The direction of the station so far made ​​no sign that will dispense vigilante journalist. But made ​​it clear, through journalist who divides the bench with Sheherazade, Josival Peixoto, that that is not the opinion of SBT.

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