Australian Woman Goes to Jail in Brazil After Refusing to Have Her Nails Manicured by a Black Employee

Australian Louise Stephanie Garcia Gaunt was taken to the Women’s Prison of the City of Gama , near Brasilia , accused of hate crime against four black people , including a policeman . The woman, who has lived in Brazil for five years and had been already arrested for driving under influence of alcohol , allegedly refused to be served by a black manicure at a salon in the Brazilian capital. For being her first arrest, she was already released and will wait the judgment in freedom.
After allegedly referring to blacks as “bad race” and require that a black employee went away from her , Gaunt criticized the quality of services provided by the salon and after offending another employee and a customer , both black , threatened to leave without paying. Only then the owner of the property decided to call the police . One of the customers recorded part of the discussion among women with her cell phone.
The Australian tried to flee before the police arrive, but was prevented by the employees and customers of the salon . If the situation was already complicated by Gaunt being accused of a non-bailable crime , things got even worse with the presence of police . She reportedly told a black policemen to not adress her while speaking.
Interestingly , the episode showed that if he had not refused to pay for the service , the Australian would probably go back home and, and with no doubt, return to the salon the following week and again demand that was attended only by white employees.

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