Mistaken for a Thief, Black Actor is 12 Days in Jail in Rio de Janeiro

vinicius romao

In an episode of Everybody Hates Chris , the protagonist meets a police officer to describe the physical characteristics of a robbery suspect and has the distinct feeling that since it reports to the police takes up only a single adjective : black , black , black …

For the psychologist and Brazilian actor Vinicius Romão , who was cast in the soap opera Side by Side , winner of the Emmy for best novel in 2013 , is jailed for 12 days in Rio de Janeiro after meeting with real life police officers who acted in the same so that the character of the American series .

Romão was returning home after a day’s work in his office in the north of Rio de Janeiro when he was approached by a police team that was looking for a black man with black power styled hair, suspected of assaulting a woman in a hospital around the neighborhood .

Although Romão was wearing clothes that do not resemble the description given by the victim and he did not keep any object that has been stolen from the woman , the boy was forced to lie on the ground to be searched and from there led to a prison where he remains today without the police have even allowed him to make a phone call. The case came to light this weekend , when the analysis of images from security cameras at the hospital clearly showed that it was another man in the scene.

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