Russian Gay Couple Get Married in Argentina and Seeks Refuge in the Country

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Two Russian men from the city of Sochi, which recently hosted the Winter Games, thdecided to get married today, 25, in the civil registry of Uruguay Street 753 City of Buenos Aires. Alexander and Dimitri, whose family names were not informed, said the marriage is a way to denounce homophobic practices in their native Russia, where recently foreign athletes were told not to “promote homosexualism” during the Games.

The Argentine capital became in 2010 the first Latin American city to allow marriage between same-sex and, since last year, allows foreign tourists to marry in the city in an attempt to consolidate as a reference to the rights of homosexuals in the region.

Nowadays, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Uruguay are the only countries in Americas where gay marriage is allowed. Alexander and Dimitri are now to ask for refuge in Argentina. Curiosly, the website of Argentinean La Nación, closed this news to comments from readers suggesting it is a sensible subject.

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