Supposed to Meet Former Girlfriend in Brazil, Neymar Announces he is Sueing Woman That Put him in Trouble With Marquezine

Striker Neymar, from Barcelona, sued Brazilian model Laryssa Oliveira to explain it to justice her statements that she maintained a  romance with the most important player of the Brazilian team, which would have damaged the star’s relationship with actress Bruna Marquezine. The information was published on Thursday, 27 by UOL, the leading Brazilian news website that interviewed the player’s lawyer, Fernando Thompson.

The news was published on the eve of a possible visit of Neymar to Salvador, where he is being awaited along with Messi to participate in the carnival city on the invitation of Ronaldinho, who rode a funky “camarote”, a temporary structure built along the street where the parade takes place, which should receive numerous celebrities during the party. Local newspapers speculated a meeting between Neymar and Marquezine, which could resume dating.

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