To Counter Criticism, Brazilian Government Increases Salaries Paid to Cuban Doctors Working in the Country


Cuban doctors are welcomed in Salvador, Bahia, for stuff from Govern of the State/ Photo: Carla Ornelas (Secom)

From this Saturday, 1 the 7,400 Cuban doctors working in Brazil through the “Mais Médicos (MoreDoctors) ” program will have a 50% increase in the amount of wages they receive directly in your hands each month, $ 600, versus $ 400 that has received until February. Because ofwork rules established by, doctors in this country who work outside the communist regime in Cuba receive only a part of the salary to which they are entitled, another part is deposited in a bank account in the name of the doctor in Cuba and a third party, 60% of salary, is in the hands of the government in Havana.

Since last year , Brazil began to bring thousands of foreign doctors to work in remote areas and the outskirts of cities , to fill vacancies that are unwanted by Brazilian physicians , despite the wage is considered good for a professional early career. The program has attracted doctors from different countries such as Argentina, Spain and Portugal , but most professionals come from Cuba , through a bilateral agreement is brokered by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO ) .

The arrival of Cuban doctors to the country was not peaceful . Even with no interest in moving to where there is greater need for basic medical care , Brazilian physicians through their professional associations , began to boycott the program all possible ways , including guiding professionals to enroll in More Doctors and subsequently give up the vacancies only to delay the hiring of foreign doctors . In the demosntrations that occurred in some cities, Cuban doctors that arrived to were harassed and some were compared to domestic employees by their Brazilian counterparts , because of their physical appearance .

Recently, some Cuban doctors have left the program, alleging doing slave labor (the wage that comes to their hands is much less than the amount received by doctors of other nationalities) and expressed an intention to immigrate to the United States.

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