“It Would be Terrible if Outside Winds Overthrow a Democratically Elected Government”, Says Kirchner, Regarding Venezuela


Photo: Cristina Kirchner Oficial/Facebook

The President of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, made ​​an emotional defense of the maintaining the mandate of his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, who faces growing opposition in his country with violent street protests.
Shortly before ending his annual opening speech of the legislative work in Congress, this saturday, 1, Kirchner addressed what he called soft coup attempt and said he was not defending President Maduro or his government, but the will of the people who elected him, regardless of their ideological affiliation.
“It would be terrible if outside winds overthrow a democratically elected government,” said Kirchner, saying it would have a disastrous effect on the regional integration process underway in South America.

Kirchner emphasized that the defense of democracy in Venezuela is following the same path of the Argentine government in crises such in Bolivia and Ecuador, but that she would do the same if there was a tryinf of a coup in countries under other political ideologies. “If there was an attempt to overthrow the government of President (Sebastian) Piñera of Chile, or the president (Juan Manuel) Santos, I would defend democracy in the same way,” she said.

The President made ​​a mea culpa regarding Peronism, stating that in the past this movement created by Juan Domingo Perón not always advocated the importance of democracy and exalted the importance of the rival party, Radical Civic Union, to defend democracy.

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