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Brazil Eases Adoption of Children by Foreigners

Brazilian authorities decided on Monday, 24, allowing foreigners registered to apply for adopting children in the country on equal terms with the locals. Until now, foreigners had to expect that children should first be offered to all Brazilians registered on … Continue reading

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Supposed to Meet Former Girlfriend in Brazil, Neymar Announces he is Sueing Woman That Put him in Trouble With Marquezine

Striker Neymar, from Barcelona, sued Brazilian model Laryssa Oliveira to explain it to justice her statements that she maintained a  romance with the most important player of the Brazilian team, which would have damaged the star’s relationship with actress Bruna … Continue reading

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Russian Gay Couple Get Married in Argentina and Seeks Refuge in the Country

  Two Russian men from the city of Sochi, which recently hosted the Winter Games, thdecided to get married today, 25, in the civil registry of Uruguay Street 753 City of Buenos Aires. Alexander and Dimitri, whose family names were … Continue reading

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Everything American Soccer Fans Always Wanted to Know About Brazilian Sex But Never Had a T-Shirt to Ask

If within the national territory Brazil’s government is struggling to convince the population that it is worthwhile to have spent U.S. $ 28 million to host the 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup in June and July this year … Continue reading

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Australian Woman Goes to Jail in Brazil After Refusing to Have Her Nails Manicured by a Black Employee

Australian Louise Stephanie Garcia Gaunt was taken to the Women’s Prison of the City of Gama , near Brasilia , accused of hate crime against four black people , including a policeman . The woman, who has lived in Brazil … Continue reading

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Over 300 Homosexuals Were Murdered in Brazil in 2013

A report released on Friday, 14, at Grupo Gay da Bahia, points the Pernambuco State as the most violent against homosexuals in Brazil during 2013. There were 34 murders of gays, lesbians and transvestites in this state, the second largest … Continue reading

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Journalist Causes Furor Supporting Vigilantes and Challenges Critical to Adopt a Bandit

With vehement speeches, read daily in editorial tone, against corrupt, inefficient politicians, thugs and all that, at her eyes, violates the “good citizen”, a Brazilian journalist, anchor a nightly newscast, is causing a stir among milder mates and a part … Continue reading

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