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Brics: “Challenge is to Overcome Social and Economic Difficulties to Reach the Level of Advanced Countries”, says Dilma

After stating that the so-called BRIC (Brazil, Russia, china, India and South Africa) should not be affected by the economic crisis afflicting Europe, the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, said today that the biggest bloc’s challenge is to overcome its … Continue reading

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Brazil Launches Plan to Stop the Growth of Imports in its Economy

The Brazilian government announced today a plan of help to the national industry that foresees fiscal incentives of to R$ 25 billions to the end of 2012. That value corresponds to the extent that are be taking for exonerate the … Continue reading

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China to Invest $8 Billion in Brazil This Year

Danilo Macedo, Agência Brasil Brasília – Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Fernando Pimentel, says that China will invest around $8 billion in Brazil in 2011. The minister went on to say that as a result of booming bilateral … Continue reading

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Chávez to Endorse Brazil in UN Security Council’s Seat

Renata Giraldi, from Agencia Brasil President Dilma Rousseff and the president of the Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, should sign a joint notice in the near Tuesday (10), in Brasilia. The document should contain the appeal for the reform of the Security … Continue reading

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After Adressing Iran, Dilma Rousseff Will Also Mention Human Rights on China Trip

Renata Giraldi  Agência Brasil Brasília – President Dilma Rousseff will visit Brazil’s newest biggest trade partner, China, from April 11 to 15. She will ask for formal support for United Nations reform and a permanent seat on the Security Council … Continue reading

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Dilma Rousseff Sets a Trip to China in April

President Dilma Rousseff is going to do a journey of three days to China in the next month, with the objective of extend the penetration of Brazilian companies in the most populous country of the world. The journey, that happens … Continue reading

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Huge Deposit of Thallium Discovered in The State of Bahia

It was announced the discovery of a deposit of Thallium, in the State of the Bahia, whose value estimated would be of at least US$ 360 millions. Thallium is a high toxic and rare substance, that can be employed in … Continue reading

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