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Obama May Bring 1,000 People During His Visit to Brazil

Over 1,000 American citizens asked Brazilian visa for accompany the visit of the President Barack Obama to the country, in March, 19 and 20. The group include 150 journalists, that are going to follow Obama in his meeting with the … Continue reading

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Argentina, US face diplomatic crisis over military material

It was suppose to be a regular course of training in rescue offered by American Army to the Argentine soldiers. But it became grave diplomatic crisis between the two countries after the Argentine government confiscated supposedly not declared stuff that … Continue reading

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Brazilian State of Alagoas as dangerous as most violent country in the world

The State of Alagoas had a homicides rate during the year of 2010 equivalent to El Salvador, considered the most violent country of the world. Across the last year, were recorded 71 murders by each 100,000 inhabitants in that Brazilian … Continue reading

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