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Rio de Janeiro, the Wonderful City

The move of the capital of Brazil from the Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, in 1960, did not stop the increase of the population of the city, that faced a long period of economic stagnation. But with the recent discoveries … Continue reading

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Cuiabá, Very Close to Pantanal

Founded by Portuguese explorers in 1719, in the centuries 18 and 19 was fate of adventurers that came from São Paulo in search of the gold in the region. Also was setting of territorial disputes. One of the most notorious … Continue reading

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Brasília, the capital

Upon visiting Brasilia in 1961, the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, 1º man to travel for the space, said: “I have the impression that I am disembarking in a different planet, not in the Earth. It was built through five years to … Continue reading

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Belo Horizonte, or Just Beagá

First planned city of Brazil, Belo Horizonte was inaugurated in 1897 and became a metropolis with broad avenues, streets planted with trees and unusual architectural lines – highlight for the assemblies of the Plaza of the Liberty and of the … Continue reading

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Manaus, the Amazon’s Metropolis

Located in the biggest rainforest of the planet, the Amazon, Manaus is situated aside Rio Negro, in a region that concentrates 20% of the freshwater backups of the world, a genetic bank of priceless value and big deposits of ores, … Continue reading

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Ronaldo’s retirement to be announced this monday

Brazilian journalists say that Ronaldo, greatest scorer on World Cups ever, will announce his retirement this monday by noon. After a tie without goals from his team Corinthians with Paulista, the player said “It was beautiful. But I can’t play … Continue reading

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Ronaldinho scores for the first time in Flamengo, but young Negueba celebrates more than him

When Ronaldinho shot a penalty at the 24 minutes of the first half today, looked like a victory over Boa Vista team would be pretty easy. More when David made the second goal in the second half. But things got … Continue reading

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